Critical Effects of Scientific Mistakes On The Career Of Academic Researcher

Career Of Academic Researcher
As a researcher, you will complete your research work with utmost care and dedication. Producing quality work will always remain your top priority. But, there are several research mistakes that you can commit without knowing. These mistakes will affect your credibility as an academic researcher. Apart from this, it will also affect the credibility of your work. So, that is the reason you should know about these mistakes. You should read about these mistakes before starting your research work. Avoiding these mistakes will help you produce top-quality content without errors. It will also help you to publish your work in top journals.

Scientific research is not an easy task. You will spend a lot of time collecting the data from relevant sources. But, if you fail to follow the guidelines, your efforts will go in vain. These research mistakes can even affect your whole career as an academic researcher. This article aims to discuss the most common research mistakes you can commit. Following best theoretical frameworks, some of these mistakes are unavoidable, and some are completely avoidable. Apart from this, it will also discuss how you can avoid them. So, let’s discuss them in detail:

Fabrication and Falsification of Data:

It is one of the major scientific mistakes that you can commit. You might be researching a topic on which you are unable to find data. It might be frustrating for you, but you should not consider anything unethical. In such situations, you might think of misinterpreting the data with intentional purposes. This way, you will give a false impression of your research work and research findings. These practices will affect your credibility as an academic researcher. You might face a lifetime ban for presenting your research work for publication. This research mistake is avoidable. You can avoid it by doing research and, later on, presenting it in the best way possible.

Misappropriation of the Ideas of Others:

It is another scientific mistake you can avoid in your research work. Most of the time, you might be working with other researchers. You will discuss a lot about your research topic, and they will discuss their topic. It is possible that you might get some important ideas from that discussion. Later on, you can consider using those ideas in your research work. But, you should know that you cannot use such ideas for your research. As an academic researcher, you should avoid this major research mistake. You should avoid improper use of such information. If you commit this mistake, you can face some serious consequences.

Violation of Generally Accepted Research Practice:

As an academic researcher, you always have to follow research practices. You should make sure to follow those guidelines while completing your research work. It will not only enhance the credibility of you and your work. Again, it is possible that you might violate these research practices. You might violate these guidelines at the earlier stage of your area of research. You can violate them while presenting literature or findings. You can do so while discussing and interpreting your research results. You should avoid such things and make sure that you follow research guidelines.

Improprieties of Authorship:

You might be completing your research work in a group. Everyone will play a role in the completion of the research. But, you might take full credit for that research work. You should make sure to give credit to your colleagues and acknowledge their efforts. It is not the only aspect of this scientific mistake. You might consider submitting your work for publication to more than one journal. In this way, you might have to face legal action too. Apart from this, this mistake will end your career as an academic researcher.


It is one of the most common and widely practised research mistakes. Plagiarism means presenting someone’s published work as your own work. You will commit this mistake because of several reasons. It is possible that your deadline is approaching and you have to complete it. Being an academic researcher, these mistakes can destroy your research. To avoid these mistakes get dissertation writing help. They have experts from every field and these experts are don't make such mistakes. You can also take help from them regarding the completion of your dissertation.


This article discussed some of the major scientific research mistakes. You can avoid all these mistakes if you follow the research guidelines. Following these guidelines will help you enhance your credibility as an academic researcher.


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