What To Write In The Theoretical Framework Of The Dissertation?

Theoretical Framework

To complete the degree of BS honors, MPhil and PhD students are hypothetical to write their thesis in the last part of their degree. To be the best writer, among others and to get good marks in your dissertation write-up, you need to work hard and study hard about the topic of your thesis or research paper. You can’t complete your degree until and unless you can’t work on your thesis and dissertation or research paper properly. To complete your paper you need to manage your time to study accurate and realistic books, notes and articles related to your field of study.

As you know that dissertation or thesis depends upon many things in it. To write it you need to be very clear and accurate about certain things regarding it. You will write your thesis related to your field. Every field of study has its own majors and stands. You are supposed to touch all the boundaries of your discipline with regards to your thesis statement. But you are not allowed to go beyond those boundaries to grasp irrelevant material for your dissertation. You need to be restricting your exploration to your topic of research for your dissertation.

To write any dissertation you are supposed to follow academic writing style as well as literary writing style and its pattern. You will also work according to the format in the citation style like; MLA and APA citation styles. If you are working on the science or literature field you will be using MLA citation style, whilst if you are working in the areas of linguistics, physics or mathematics you will be using APA citation style. In dissertation write-up you will be writing the statement of the dissertation, aims and objectives of your research, outline of your thesis, introduction, literature review and theoretical framework and so on. Your work should be quality based. You can use quantitative and qualitative methodologies while writing your dissertation.

The basic chapter or framework of your research is your theoretical framework. You need to be very careful whilst working on this part of your dissertation. Convinced, there are things that help students to write the theoretical framework of their dissertation effectively.

Initially, you need to paraphrase the main statement of your dissertation or the topic of your dissertation. You are invented to understand the basic needs of your topic. Next step is to brainstorm the main variables of your research like; question and answers about it, and also the key points of your research. Try to work on the areas of independent and dependent variables of your dissertation as well.

Secondly, you need to read each and every literature, articles, books and sample papers to search out the answers of your questions related to your topic in notional structure. Jot down all the relevant material and points associated with your topic. At the end, discuss very briefly about all those fields that are connected to your topic. This is how you can write a perfect theoretical framework for your dissertation writing services.


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